Friday, February 23, 2024

Miss Mouse

photo of deer mouse

I found this tiny mouse on the bottom step to my basement. She couldn't get into the basement (the door was closed) and she couldn't climb back up the stairs. She looked to be cold and hungry. So I scooped her up in a paper cup and plopped her into a small aquarium I happened to have. She chowed down on a piece of cucumber as soon as it was offered.

She is now living in a 10-gallon aquarium and has a wheel, water bottle, and things to climb in and around. She has bird seed, rodent blocks, and gets treats like apple, carrots, cucumber and blueberries. 

She sits in the corner near me when I visit with her. She seems to enjoy being talked to. She is very sensitive to sound - her ears twitch at the slightest sound. I've had her just a few weeks now and she is looking well fed and her coat is sleek and shiny.

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